Tuesday, June 22, 2010

another day, another dollar

I worked my second shift at my new job today, and it was much shorter than the first, so it went by very fast.

I also attended a good friend's grad party today, and it was so fun. We played Duck, Duck, Goose! It's fantastic to just be a four-year-old again, ya know?
In other news, my little sister is graduation from 8th grade tomorrow night, which is pretty crazy. She's going to be in high school in the fall! Ahh!
I mean, with my senior friends graduating high school, my sister graduation middle school, my complete and utter confusion over the SillyBandz trend, I feel SO OLD. And I'm only nineteen!
It's crazy how time flies. My next birthday is my 20th!! Granted, it's still in another like, 10 months, but still.

Another thing that makes me feel old? Toy Story 3. I went to see the very first one in theaters with my dad with I was only four years old. And I just went with my sister to the third. And can I just say how AMAZINGLYFANTASTICWONDERFULSPECTACULARINCREDIBLE it was?!
For serious. It's so perfect. Just PERFECT. GO SEE IT. NOW!!

love and right triangles,

[tee, made by me]
[skirt, diy recon]
[belt, F21]
[shoes, Target]
[ring, H&M]
[watch, NY&Co]


boatx2 said...

(1) April, you are so sweet! Thank you. I doubt my blog constantly so it's good to know it's not all rubbish.

(2) Iamsofreakingexcited to go see Toy Story 3. Yes. Please. It's official: Now I have to!

(3) Where did you find the job??? Did I miss that post?

Laura Gerencser said...

Love the top!! and the colors!!:):)

SabinePsynopsis said...

Ah, blue and yellow - always such a great combination of primary colours! xoxo

Kristy said...

super love the blue and yellow combo :D It's fresh, fun, and perfect for the summer :) I have to admit, I'm not a Toy Story fan. I only saw the 1st one back when I was a kid, I skipped the 2nd one because I didn't like the first one. But a lot of people have told me that the 3rd one is amazing! Should I give in? :D


AndiPants said...

I love the colors. You pull off bold colors so well.

Toy Story 3 was definitely made for the original Toy Story audience. It seemed like it was targeted at people who grew up with the movies. It was so good!