Sunday, June 6, 2010


As soon as I read this post on Spikes and Sequins' blog

I had to check out the shoes they were talking about.
United Nude shoes are SO COOL - as soon as I saw all their different styles on their website, drooled for about a decade, I had to post them here, duh!

reminds me of a secretary, no? but a really awesome stylin' secretary. :D

color? amazing. heel? stellar.

love these.

I promise more productive posts are coming soon! (for now though, definitely enjoy this shoe candy)

love and right triangles,


libys11 said...

oh wow!!! those are so wicked cool!! thanhs for sharing these images! :D

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Jazza. said...

those shoes amazing! my fav would have to be the brown and purple one!!

hiking in stilettos said...

Um, hello! Love them all!!!!!

miss diskon said...

so unique:)