Thursday, June 17, 2010

as promised

Remember how I made that promise....oh....two weeks ago? About how I would show you my room?

Well, it's nothing drastic, by any means, but I mostly want to show off my bookshelf of shoes :) It used to house a bunch of random crap that I never touched, and my shoes had no where to live. So the random crap was evicted and the shoes got to move in!
There are a few empty spaces, because I just donated about 11 pairs of shoes to the Salvation Army yesterday! And once I get a job and make some money, you can bet those spots will be filled by pretty shoes :D I think it's realistic to limit my entire shoe collection to what can fit on this here shelf!

Some other fashion related organization around my room:
Is it just me, or has there been a lot of room redecorating going on in the blogosphere lately? It's awesome and super inspiring. I'd totally be up for a full makeover of my room (which was painted last in 7th grade) but this is probably the last summer I'll be living at home! (But don't worry, I'll show off my new dorm room in September, and wherever else I live in the coming summers and school years!)

love and right triangles,


Nina said...

Gosh, I so hate closet makeovers ... stressful for me. BUT you are definitely inspiring me! Have a great day, April!

liz said...

i feel you on wanting to re-paint your room but knowing you have to leave for school anyway. My room is currently a lame red-white and blue, and if i wasn't leaving for college in less than 2 months, i would sooo do a makeover! luv your bookshelf of shoes, btw. <3

Spikes said...

ah i love ur makeover! i need to invest in cubby holes for my shoes! the colors of ur room are fab, it makes me want to paint my room now =)