Thursday, June 17, 2010

new shampoo necklace prototype

This was that idea I was talking about. I have a bunch of bottles collected from the last six months, so naturally, this is what I do with them :)

So here's the first go. Let me know what you think! Seriously - criticisms are GREAT. Be honest!

This necklace is made from a plastic contact solution bottle, recycled fabric and silver jewelry findings.

love and right triangles,


The Owl's Closet said...

april, this is great! i love it! so awesome that it's enviromentally sustainable:) ure so creative!

boatx2 said...

Love It!

liz said...

i would totally wear it, does that mean anything, lol!? I love your use of old stuff to make beautiful jewelry!

Amy said...

Awesome! I'd suggest making necklaces with different variations of circle size and placement. =) Awesome cool idea.

Della said...

Love, love, love this one! It's super delicate and I think a little more girly. Does that make sense?

Twila's Vintage said...

I love your necklace creation! I really enjoy seeing the garments you create. I have been doing alot of sewing myself lately!