Wednesday, June 9, 2010

updated for 2010 & World Wide Web Wednesdays

I mean....I know it's, like, June and all, but it's never to late for a 2010 update, ya know?
I'm just doin' it like Steve Jobs do.

Anywayy, the header ^ and sidebar -> 
are brand new!

So ch-ch-ch-check it out, wh-wh-wh-wh-what's it all about!

(The picture in the header isn't blatantly taken from my last post or anything...)

And so this post isn't totally pointless, I bring you World Wide Web Wednesdays!

Favorite Internet-y things of late that you must see if you haven't already!

Sex and the Ivy. This Harvard student (now graduate) blogged all about sex, a la Carrie Bradshaw. I'm addicted. Start all the way from the beginning - it's so worth it :)

The Cleavage Caddy...?! A true WTF. (via CASH MONI)

What the fuck should I make for dinner? Makes dinner prep hilarious, just because of a certain four letter word.

The Fucking Weather. Like the above link, checking weather is made better with just four letters.

Cupcakes of the Day. Absolutely my favorite Tumblr ever - pure joy for my eyes, stomach and need to bake.

The Etsy Register. Brand new blog that brings together the etsy-selling world and the fashion-blogging world. The best of both worlds. Better than Hannah Montana. Could you really ask for anything better?!

This DIY tutorial. I've been wanting a big floppy sunhat ever since my friend got an awesome orange one last summer, and then I tried on a leopard print one at Aldo! Definitely on my to-DIY-list.
Had to throw in the pic, just so it wasn't a total-textified post.

Happy Wednesday! (although it's almost Thursday at this point...)

love and right triangles,

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Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

GURL. You ARE Steve Jobs. Pfft. (But really, I love how fresh everything looks!)

Haha. And I love the links. The weather one made me snicker ;). And the Cupcakes of the Day?! EEEK. I'm at school and I forgot my lunch so, obviously, it looks SO APPETIZING. Awesome post!

And AWESOME HAT. Woohoo!

Thanks for your thorough comment. I definitely agree - I think that fashion needs to embrace the reality more, but I guess it's avoided for fear of, well, I don't really know. Standing out? But isn't that the idea? I guess it also can come of as gimicky, so I think that fashion needs to GENUINELY change and not just for the idea of "change." Not quite sure what I'm saying quite now, so I'll probably post later.. Thanks for your thoughts though. Really interesting!