Thursday, June 10, 2010

into the light

So basically, my life has consisted of sleeping in until lunchtime, marathoning a TV show (currently Daria), cooking and eating, all while not getting dressed.

So when my friends and I decided to go out for lunch today, I had to overcompensate for my lack of effort lately.
[dress, made by me] [cardigan, H&M] [shoes, Target] [belt, thrifted] [flower, H&M]

love and right triangles,


liz said...

OMG!! I have the SAME EXACT shoes! Haha, and i got mine at a thrift store, lol! Now you've inspired me, haha! :D

Twila's Vintage said...

Love the dress you made!! Still working on my next onesie! Got my denim jumper in today and loving it!!


Jisu said...

Wish I had your sewing skills! Beautiful dress and shoes.