Saturday, June 5, 2010

a few things

an outfit from yesterday:
I wore this to the mall for a job interview at The Gap. It went pretty well, I think (I hope) but the interviewer said they were only picking two from many potential I dunno.

[dress, refashioned from mom's old dress?] [cardigan, thrifted] [sunglasses, UO] [flats, Rocket Dog]

Anyway, obviously I can't leave the mall without some shopping. And for fun, I decided to grab a bunch of really awesome things at H&M and try them on, even though I knew I couldn't afford them. Some favorites:
This pink dress was just gorgeous.
I really want to diy this top...with fewer sequins of course, since they'd probably be hand-sewn on by yours truly.
This purple is gorgeous.

This post from Style Bubble contains this picture:
Check out their necklaces. Look familiar?
and here.

love and right triangles,


boatx2 said...

*crosses fingers*

I hope you're one of the two!

And do you live in trees or were you at a park because if you do live by trees, my jealousy has no end.

Laura Gerencser said...

Cute outfit! Hope u get the job!!

jess said...

The sequin top is wonderful.

Winnie said...

Good luck with the job...really hope you get it!

libys11 said...

adorable in that dress and red cardigan!! :D oh and that pink blouse from h&m is lush! :D

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cellulite cream said...

Cool shoes! And your necklace, is it a DIY?