Wednesday, June 30, 2010

catching up - Saturday's outfit

I had a couple more grad parties to attend on Saturday and this is what I wore. It was probz way too hot for that sweater, but I like it way too much.
I mean, it's like, chunky rainbow knit flowery ness. What could be better, honestly?
And there's that red H&M dress, again. Sorry for wearing it like, every single day but it's just so easy!
And I'm still not over my red obsession. I'm infatuated.
These UO imitation-keds are GREAT. I always buy the ones on sale for $10 (though usually they're only 2 for $30) and they smell kinda funny but they're comfy and come in amazing colors and prints. And I like the shape better than real Keds.

One more outfit post coming right up! Stay tuned!

Also, check the new header, made by a lovely reader, Liz! Your votes were unanimous for hers! It's a little small right now...I'm working on adjusting the size a bit.

love and right triangles,

[dress, H&M]
[sweater, thrifted and recon'd]
[shoes, UO]

1 comment:

liz said...

Yay!! You used the blog header, heehe. :D Thanks so much!

And I guess i'm not the only one who wants to wear sweaters in the middle of summer, lol! I keep trying to justify mixing 90 degree weather and jackets, unfortunatley not very succesfully, haha.