Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Being Samantha Jones

If I had to pick one Sex and the City character to identify with, it would certainly NOT be Samantha Jones. I'm too much of a romantic. I'm kind of prude. And I've always had this inexplicable belief that most (if not all) guys will take advantage of me if they can. The powerful and intimidating woman that Samantha is would totally say, "April, I'm not going to disagree with you - all men want sex. But this is a good thing! All men want is sex, all I want is sex, it's the perfect situation!"

Hah. Anyway. While I may not share the same beliefs as her, I still love her as a character who empowers women and totally rocks in her confidence.

And today, I felt like her in this outfit.

I was totally subconsciously channeling Samantha:
(perhaps my subconscious was telling me something...)

I just loved this outfit. It's all about the red! It's SUCH A GREAT COLOR. How did I not see this before!?
And with teal! Who knew?!
I made these earrings an eternity ago from this feather boa bracelet thing and a couple of good ole plastic pony beads!

More Samantha goodness:
Just looka' that RED!

who else is loving red at the moment?

love and right triangles,

[dress, Express]
[blouse, Garment District dollar-a-pound]
[belt, thrifted]
[shoes, Charlotte Russe, gift]
[earrings, made by me]


Skooter said...

I love this outfit! The colour combo just works so well :D.

Also, I also like Samantha even though I'm very unlike her haha.

Janice said...

WOW!!! I like the blending of color of this dresses, pretty colorful, lovely:0) fake handbag

Della said...

I'm so in love with red at the moment! I keep buying red things at thrift stores (not bad places to waste my money!)