Friday, June 18, 2010

another interview, but amazing day nonetheless

I was meeting my friend at the mall this morning and then heading straight to an interview, so I brought a blazer and pumps to spiff it up a bit.
And now for an array of shots, both outfits included.
This is when the camera freaked out and ate half of each of my legs.


BOO i'm a ghost!

Lemme tell you more about this skirt. It started as a pair of ridonkulous shorts from Salvation Army that I refashioned into a skirt. And since that wasn't enough, I sewed a line of metallic multicolored seedbeads along the bottom hem.
I've recently become obsessed with bejeweled things. Anything with awesome beading, sequins, jewels, embroidery, any sort of spectacular detail. So I'm trying to incorporate that into my future sewing endeavors :) I usually watch movies/tv nonstop while I sew - beading/sequining is even easier to do while mindlessly staring at a monitor.

Okay, seriously guys. Someone needs to hassle me until I follow through. I'm failing at my 5-per-week lists, both writing them and doing things on them. So I promise promise I will get on that! And on that note, I PROMISEPROMISEPROMISESWEARONMYLIFE that I will post a tutorial this weekend. It's going to be super simple - just turning thrifted shorts into way better skirts. But the possibilities are endless and we could all use more skirts!

On another note, my interview today was for a receptionist position. If you can call it that. Basically I would call people asking if they want to set up an interview for an undesirable job for 8 hours straight. But hey, a job is a job. Nobody said it would be glamourous. And that's if I even get the job. Still being unemployed would be even less glamourous. Sigh.

But it's okay, I figured out some backup plans and I'm feeling better about the inactivity that has defined my summer so far.

Question of the day: How do you feel about the size of my photos? They're all "X-Large" according to Blogger, because I like big photos. But I totally understand the whole large-photos-are-a-pain-in-the-ass-on-my-screen thing. So let me know!

love and right triangles,

[skirt, diy recon] [top, Marshall's] [belt, thrifted] [sandals, NY&Co.] [pumps, Payless] [blazer, thrifted] [earrings, gifted]

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Andie said...

i love your skirt! the idea of adding the beads is brill! and im obsessed with bejeweled stuff too :P