Monday, August 16, 2010

quicktastic update

Once again, I've been failing at outfit posts because I haven't been wearing anything besides yoga pants and work uniforms, but today I went out for sushi buffet with some friends, so here's a simple classic-april boring solid-colors-and-neon-accessories outfit.
skirt, diy recon from thrifted shorts, $3?
tank, Forever 21, $3
belt, Forever 21, $2
shoes, thrifted, $3
cardigan, H&M, $15
earrings, Sustainable Gifts Fair/
I'm leaving for school on Sunday, and packing is absolutely the most dreadful thing I can imagine, so I started packing yesterday because if I don't start to pack at least a week in advance, I will die of anxiety.

PLUS on top of packing, I need to sew a million things and make sure I leave my room nice and tidy, and like, half my friends' birthdays are this week BLEHHHHH.

But my last day of work was Saturday and I'll be doing errands/hanging out with friends/shopping/going to doctors appts all week, so hopefully that equates to an outfit post a day!

love and right triangles,

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