Friday, August 20, 2010

nail polish roundup

Packing sucks. I cannot stress this enough. And I know I sound like a whiny drama queen brat when I say that packing is the worst thing in the world, because really there are tons of awful things happening around the world and in people's lives that actually affect them, and I know that. But when I pack, I turn into this snobby snooty whiny miserable brat. And according to this article, I can expect to move EVERY YEAR of my 20s. UGH UGH. I hope you all feel my pain and aren't judging me for being such a whippersnapper ;D

Anyway, all of my clothes are stuffed away, and I stupidly did not think to set aside clothing for the next few days...mostly because I was going to sew new outfits, but of course, I have NO TIME because PACKING SUCKS. Anyway, now I am living in the same clothes until I do find the time to make a new outfit, which is admittedly gross. 

So instead of an outfit post, I've decided to do a nail polish roundup post (see above photo).

Apparently I really like blues, greens and purples. Also, RAINBOW NAILS! my fave :)

I'm not much for prints, but I'm anxious to paint me some polka dotted, striped, and leopard print nails :D

Organizational and other DIYs coming up in the next few days! Stay tuned, folks.

love and right triangles,

PS: shoutout to my lil sis who turns 15 today! Crap, I'm getting old.

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