Wednesday, August 25, 2010

diy nail art: rainbow explosion! kapow!

neon rainbow nail polish
neon rainbow nails from Wet N Wild, Delia's, Claire's, Urban Outfitters and Color Club

I'm at school! Hurrah!

I moved in on Sunday, and I'm still working on decorating and organizing my bajillion possessions and piles of stuff. But WAIT TILL YOU SEE IT. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. sorta not really.

Anywayyy, starting tomorrow I will actually have things to do, like training for my new job. BUT DON'T YOU FRET, readers, outfit posts are coming!

For now, feast your eyes on this supahhh sweet nail art I did today. It's all kapow rainbow explosion tie-dye shazam wowzah kablooey!
diy nail art rainbow tie-dye design polish
Every time I look down at my nails, my eyes go awoogaaah. It's pretty spectacular.

happy wednesday!

love and right triangles,

ps: I have something in the works. You may not find out for a couple weeks. Stay tuned.
pps: if you do some stalking, you miiiight figure it out. yes, that's a challenge.
ppps: kidding. you should just wait and see :)

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