Saturday, March 14, 2009

pi day is DA BOMB

I have the fondest memories of Pi Day. In 8th grade, our middle school had its first pi day celebration, and the person who memorized the most digits got to pie our math teacher in the face. Well, guess who memorized thirty (we were underachievers) digits and got some good ole whipped cream up my beloved math teacher's nose? (yeah, that was me, and i'm damn proud of it.)

I don't mean to brag (yes i do), but I now know 100 digits of pi. HAHAHAHA. nerd much?

Last year on pi day, my friends and I hit up the 24-hour grocery store at 7AM and bought two apple pies and a package of plastic forks....and devoured the pies voraciously. My history teacher was not pleased with us passing around a pie during class, but WHATEVZ PIE IS WORTH IT.

various pi-day shoes. last year's (above) and this year's (below)
ps: yes i'm wearing flip flops because it's GORGEOUS OUTSIDE!

π ring :] prettyprettysparkley

And me being me. Lordy.

Dress, thrifted.
Pi teeshirt, gift. (THE BEST GIFT EVER)
Glasses, my lovely physics teacher.
Flipflops, Old Navy + craft foam.
Ring, polymer clay and nailpolish!


Skooter said...

I love everything about this post! I had never heard of Pi day until someone mentioned it yesterday. Then I looked it up on Wikipedia and found things such as a 'Pi pie'. I love that!

You look great, gotta love math nerdiness :D.

Lauren said...

haha. That's so good.

x x x