Sunday, August 9, 2009

sorry i disappeared again...but this time i have a real reason

So...let me tell you a story.

Last weekend, my friend and I went to All Points West, a fairly new music festival in Jersey City, NJ. We were part of the Work Exchange Team, meaning that in exchange for 15 hours of volunteer work, we were there basically for free (minus a $15 application fee), and lemme tell you, this is COMPLETELY worth it. If you ever want to attend a music festival, DO THIS. It saves you the $200+ ticket and it's actually a lot of fun.

Anyway, this is what happened to me, exactly a week ago:

Yep, that's my arm, in a sling. I broke my collarbone.

Last Saturday night, the second day of the festival, my friend and I were driving to our hotel. We were driving, totally normal one second, and all of a sudden....I look up and I see deployed airbags. I remember forcing myself to get out of the car, and then my friend and I collapsed in hysterics.

A car had run a red light on an intersecting street, and hit us pretty hard. It was a hit and run, the other car is no where to be found; all we know is that it was a red pickup truck. But thankfully, it hit in the front of the car, not right in the middle, or we would be much much worse off. In the impact, I broke my collarbone from the force of the seatbelt. My friend, the driver, got a few bumps and bruises, some whiplash, and we were both scared shitless and traumatized.

I've repeated this story so many times, it's crazy. Anyway, the car was hit so hard, it ended up on the sidewalk. We were helped by people in the street, who called the ambulance while my friend called the police. In all the chaos, my friend's purse got stolen, which just makes it suck even worse. Anyway, eventually the ambulance came, and I knew my collarbone was broken before I even got inside it. It freaking hurt like hell. We were in the hospital all night, and my parents made the 3 hour drive down to NJ from upstate NY to come get us - a late-night drive. We talked to doctors, police, our parents, and we called our friends, just to have people to talk to. It was quite a night.

Anyway, a trip to the pediatrician and then a trip to the orthopedist later, I'm equipped with prescription pain meds (which I'm choosing not to take - Tylenol is way safer and less mind-altering) and a variety of slings to use to my comfort. It's supposed to heal fully in 6 weeks, which sucks because I leave for college in four. Butttt, it's ok, it'll be all good. I'm optimistic.

This is what I wore out tonight to a gathering with my friends, just chillaxin', eatin' Fave Reds Starburst and Hershey's Hugs, reading Glamour, Vogue and Nylon :)

skirt, diy recon from thrifted shorts.
tee, China.
belt, mom's closet.
scarf, gift purchased in Israel.
multi-colored nails, random drugstore nailpolish.
sling, local orthopedist center :]

PS: Sorry about these photos, I'm camera-less, so they're taken with my Macbook.


LML said...

thanks for checking out my blog - i really like yourS!

Lesley said...

OMG thank god you're alright!

Glad you at least had fun!