Saturday, September 12, 2009

college is fracking awesome

I'm here at Brown! I've been here for a week and it's been nonstop amazingness.

Van Wickle Gates

Opening Convocation <3 Brown 2013

And now a few outfits:

Out on Friday night :]
skirt, thrifted shorts to skirt recon.
shoes, thrifted.
tank, tiedyed.
cardigan, H&M.
watch, NY&Co.

Homage to the last days of summer.
Dress, reconned Target dress.
shoes, Chico's.
leggings, Marshall's.
Cardigan, thrifted.
Headband/flower, NY&Co.

Glimpse of the dormmmm :)
skirt, thrifted.
tights, forget.
scarf, NYC.
tank, Target.
tee, Marshall's.
boots, thrifted.

Hahahaha my roommate is like what the fuck in the background
dress, DKNY.
tights, forget.
boots, thrifted.



Anonymous said...

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Sara said...

Love the boots outfits!
You have a new picture-taking spot! Ah, ch-ch-ch-changes