Sunday, December 6, 2009

catching up

This was the night we spontaneously decided to dress up in colors, colors and more colors.
Shirt, Garment District dollar-a-pound, DECORATED WITH SHARPIE MARKER!
Skirt, teeshirt recon.
Tights, don't remember....maybe H&M?
Shoes, Charlotte Russe.
Earrings, Aldo.

Skirt, made by me.
Tank, Old Navy.
Cardigan, Forever 21.
Scarf, NYC.
Tights, H&M.

I've been really bad, really busy, really lazy, really uninspired. My excuses for not blogging in a while.

And out of all those days I missed, I only have TWO outfit pics to show for it.... :(

And now, on top of that, my camera broke. I'm ordering a new (really cheap) one soon, but until that comes, I'm still outfit-photo-less.

Hope you're enjoying the snow as much as I am!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey girl, love all the mix of colors youre wearing in the first outfit, im always so boring wearing black and grey all the time!

and thanks for your comment, im glad to see not everyone is as ignorant as our senators seem to be