Saturday, April 24, 2010

snoop doggy doooooo-oh-oo-oh-oggggg

This weekend is epic.

MGMT and Major Lazer performed last night.
Today, I'm seeing Wale, The Black Keys and Snoop Dogg.
Right in the middle of campus.


Yep, it's Spring Weekend, which has been a tradition here since 1960, and this year we're celebrating its 50th anniversary with one of the GREATEST line-ups ever.
It's basically a GIANT party, and the mood on campus is AWESOME.
Anyway, in honor of this crazy-hippie-bringing-back-the-sixties event, I made this tie-dye dress to wear to SNOOP DOGGY DOGG :D

It was Pride Week this week also, so there was free tie-dying! So I dyed a 3XL teeshirt, and then cut it up and such to make this dress.
If you would like a tutorial, I'd be more than happy to make one! It's a super easy teeshirt recon.
[dress, made by me] [shoes, chico's]


love and right triangles,


Heliotrope Tree House said...

What a blast! I envy you at Brown, really I do! Wish I could do it all over again. I was a "late bloomer" so to speak as far as school was concerned. Now, I'm an English teacher! Hee, hee! Anyhoo--I would absolutely love and appreciate a tutorial. This dress is gorgeous and you look great in it! Hope you are enjoying every minute of the music and good vibes!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Creation of this dress sounds like so much fun! Tiedying is so much fun.

*Reminisces to grade 3 class when we got to dye our own shirts*

You rock it!

juznie said...

ooh I'm jealous of that lineup and your dress is brilliant. Perfect colours.

Queen of Mayhem said...

super cool dress! the black keys came to play at my uni too!