Thursday, April 8, 2010

spring break photo roundup

All these photos are linked from facebook, so excuse the quality!
(flickr is giving me a hard time these days)

the coolest playground EVER.


being close to Obama

making friends in the Botanical Gardens

many many many Georgetown Cupcakes (SO AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS)

frolicking in the cherry blossoms

so pretty!!

these douchebag seagulls stole our hot fries!!!!!

soaking up the Jersey Shore sun

intense kite-flying

you can never have too much rita's water ice

and you can't go to philly without enjoying a philly pretzel.

love and right triangles,


Skooter said...

These pictures are so adorable and fun! :D

juznie said...

Lookin' good, April! Love the photos :)

Queen of Mayhem said...

RITA'S! That was new to me just 3 years ago!

I really want that pretzel...

sophie said...

I LOVE these pictures! You look like you had so much fun.