Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"you're dressed like a watermelon today"

Today was just one of those days, ya know?
It's almost May but looking outside you'd never know.
I have a paper due tomorrow that I have yet to start......and yet I'm blogging now... hah.
The anticipation of finals coming up is stressing me out, not to mention I still don't know what I'm doing this summer as far as employment goes.
And I'm tired as hell.

This morning I could not wake up, and when I finally did, I threw on something icky and all morning I just wanted to change into sweatpants. But I didn't.
I changed in to this midday, and the day got decidedly better. :D
Hmmm yep, these shoes are new :)
(remember that whole plan to buy a $600 camera by March?.....yeahhh, about that....)
[dress, forever 21] [tights, H&M] [cardigan, H&M] [shoes, UO] [scarf, new york city] [earrings, sustainable gifts fair (check out!)]

Question of the Day: What's your favorite color combination?
Mine is definitely pink and green! But really, I could go for any color combo :)

love and right triangles,


Saturday, April 24, 2010

snoop doggy doooooo-oh-oo-oh-oggggg

This weekend is epic.

MGMT and Major Lazer performed last night.
Today, I'm seeing Wale, The Black Keys and Snoop Dogg.
Right in the middle of campus.


Yep, it's Spring Weekend, which has been a tradition here since 1960, and this year we're celebrating its 50th anniversary with one of the GREATEST line-ups ever.
It's basically a GIANT party, and the mood on campus is AWESOME.
Anyway, in honor of this crazy-hippie-bringing-back-the-sixties event, I made this tie-dye dress to wear to SNOOP DOGGY DOGG :D

It was Pride Week this week also, so there was free tie-dying! So I dyed a 3XL teeshirt, and then cut it up and such to make this dress.
If you would like a tutorial, I'd be more than happy to make one! It's a super easy teeshirt recon.
[dress, made by me] [shoes, chico's]


love and right triangles,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

curly monday

The curly hair is a little unnecessarily glamourous, I suppose. But it was just that kinda day, ya know?
[tank, Old Navy] [cardigan, Target] [shorts, Target] [flats, Rocket Dog] [earrings, F21]

love and right triangles,

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

i wouldn't mind owning these shoes

I probably would die in these heels, but they're still rad. by Elizabeth and James at

now if only i could afford even one-tenth of these shoes.

love and right triangles,

spring break photo roundup

All these photos are linked from facebook, so excuse the quality!
(flickr is giving me a hard time these days)

the coolest playground EVER.


being close to Obama

making friends in the Botanical Gardens

many many many Georgetown Cupcakes (SO AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS)

frolicking in the cherry blossoms

so pretty!!

these douchebag seagulls stole our hot fries!!!!!

soaking up the Jersey Shore sun

intense kite-flying

you can never have too much rita's water ice

and you can't go to philly without enjoying a philly pretzel.

love and right triangles,

taste of summer

It was 90 degrees and sunny yesterday.


[top, made by me] [belt, stolen from mom] [shorts, diy recon] [earrings, vintage] [flip flops, old navy]

And the day before yesterday:

So stripey!

[dress, made by me] [tank, old navy] [earrings, f21] [shoes, uo]

I used to wear earrings every single day, way back when. Noww I'm thinkin' I'm gonna bring them back :)

love and right triangles,

Monday, April 5, 2010

back in the swing of things

No more eighteen, no more spring break.

But it's absolutely gawwwwgeous outside :)
[skirt, made by me] [tee, cut-up hanes tee] [flip flops, Old Navy] [headband, NY&Co]

love and right triangles,

Sunday, April 4, 2010

bye eighteen :(

Today, I'm nineteen!

Which is actually super sad :( 
Eighteen was an awesome year, and I only have one year left of being a teenager! aaah!!
I feel so old!
But despite its bittersweetness, nineteen will be the best year ever. I'll make sure of it :)

love and right triangles,

PS: posts about my spring break will be coming soon!
PPS: The picture above was taken last week while I was at the Jersey Shore!