Sunday, February 15, 2009

Epic battle of the faces

Sal and I had an epic face-off in which we eached picked 10 adjectives and made ka-razy faces for them :] Head over to Already Pretty to read more!

Vote for who you think the winner of the face-off is!

And sorry that the video is like April's-face-overload...


sammi-lise ^_^ said...


april you totally won!

but both of you did an amazig job, but i loved your's the most :)

<3 lise

Michael McGraw Photography said...

April. Even though I am married to Sal, you were the best. Congratulations! Mike

Sal said...

Thanks for agreeing to do this, lady. It was SO FUN!

Lemon said...

HAHAHA Wow this is Wonderful!

I definitely give Sal "most realistic," since i don't know anyone who takes over a minute to show the same emotions (case in point "Pensive" April :])

April, I never knew you were such an actress! And you definitely need to grow a beard that you can stroke :)