Friday, July 24, 2009

you better be dressed crazily

On Wednesday, a few friends and I decided to drive up to Saratoga, NY (...not far at all, less than an hour away) and go lasertagging and eat Ben and Jerry's.

Well, obviously, the only thing more fun than that is doing it while wearing clothes that scream insanity :D

So I took the two guys in the photo to Salvation Army, and we got them all crazied up, while me and my bff dressed in totally 80s garb. Can you imagine the looks we got walking up and down the streets of downtown Saratoga? :) It was a blast.

I highly recommending doing other activities in crazy outfits, such as bowling and roller skating. We DEFF plan on doing that soon. Haha, I can't wait.

PS: Major regrets for being a terrible blogger. If only I wore cuter outfits in every day life. But alas.
Actually, this week, I was babysitting a 9-month-old baby all day every day, so cute clothes are not an option.


Lesley said...

Hahaha. I actually like the guy on the right's plaid shorts! And I almost died upon seeing the guy on the left's super tight flairs. Hottt.

angel_vie said...

Haha those are some awesome outfits.

I recently started a new blog and I would love it if you'd take a look if you have a second :).