Friday, November 14, 2008

badass boots

Funny story about these boots.

I went to the bank last Friday to deposit a check, and my bank puts the actual money into my account in installments of $100 per business day, so I had to wait a couple days for the money to be spendable, much to my dismay. Anyway, I checked my account online on Sunday evening, and it said I had lotsa money, so I was like, SWEETNESS and I jetted over to the nearby shoe store. Well. I found these awesome boots, and brought them up to the register only to have my debit card ring up with only $3 on it, instead of the thirty or so I needed. BOO YOU INACCURATE ONLINE BANKING. It was super embarassing! But the ladies who worked there were lovely and put my boots on hold for me to come back and buy them for real the next day, and that is what I did.
I have massive calves, so boots NEVER fit. I had to do some minor adjustments on these babies (see bottom right photo). I LOVE MY SEAM RIPPER <3

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