Thursday, November 20, 2008

my take on the motorcycle jacket.

I can neither afford nor pull off leather. So this is my take on a motorcycle jacket:
The fabric was a tablecloth I found at Salvation Army. It's super soft! The zipper was bought off Etsy and it's amazing, and I have three more and I can't wait to use them!

Jacket, made by me (with the help of this).
Pants, F21.
Shoes, Payless.
Tank, F21.

PS: Even if I can't pull off leather, I am determined to wear it anyway! (I just need to find some!)
PPS: I'm buying leather studs to DIY with too, as many many many MANY other bloggers are.
PPPS: I officially don't care about what I can and cannot perceivably (?) pull off. I'm gonna wear what I want and I'm gonna like it. :]


Everything Is Better Tinted Purple said...

Great jacket! You completely amaze me every time you reveal that you have hand made something. WOW! Really beautiful. (I looked at the tutorial by the way - how you EVER made sense of that is so way beyond me. It was like reading a foreign language. Completely crazy!)

And everyone can pull off leather. Maybe not head to toe but in the right amount you will look fab! Go for it.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe you made that. From a tablecloth, no less. it's amazing.