Saturday, November 1, 2008


I'm baaaaacck, and I've got LOTS of halloween goodness to share.

Two of my friends were Batman and the Joker:
I made the Batman costume, dyed the Joker pants, turned a jacket into the Joker's vest, and we drew on a shirt with marker to get the Joker's shirt.

They were the best Batman and Joker ever.
A few of my guy friends were turtles. It was hilarious. Turtle racing through the school:
At school, I was Miss New York.
At our Halloween Party, I was a nerd :]

Triangles! Asthma!


Fantabulistique said...

Wow, amazing costumes.

At my school everyone went as a witch.


Fantabulistique said...

Oh by the way,

I've tagged you.


Sal said...

Clearly, you've got creativity to give away ... great work on your costumes AND your buddies'!

Everything Is Better Tinted Purple said...

Fantastic work on the costumes! I would have never guessed they were handmade. Looks like loads of fun were had by everyone. :)