Tuesday, January 6, 2009

christmas/newyears: what i gifted

The best part of the holidays is giving! (If only I had enough time to make gifts for everyone!) But this is what I did get done!)

[all DIY. Click to enlarge.]

1. For Dad.
He's an intense biker - he bikes to work every single day, even in snow! And he works a good 10-15 miles away.

(diy how-to for this coming soon? maybe?)

2. My sister. She's 13. And to my happiness, she's starting to sort of care about what she wears! (Thanks to my generous help C: )

3. Mom. She is impossible to please, so I was happy to see her immediately take one of these pairs and wear them on Christmas!

4. My friend Ashley. A fleece scarf! Super plush and super warm.
Her reaction:
"April made me blankey?!"
"It's a scarf actually."
"Scarf-blankey! I can sleep wherever when I'm wearing this."

5. My friend Ariel. An actual blankey! It's super warm, thick and big, and I'm kind of jealous. I might have to make one for myself :]

6. My friend Kevin. This one is pretty self-explanatory...high school boys...ahem.

7. My friend Dan. This is from the movie Eurotrip, which is so dumb and idiotic, but HILARIOUS. If you're ever reeeeeally bored, and have already seen every decent movie in existence, go ahead and watch Eurotrip. Anyway, it's like, his favorite movie. Again, high school boys...sigh.

8. My friend Bryan. This is the tennis kid, remember him? Anyway, he likes ping pong too. And he's Asian, and he only wears polyester shirts. And, because he has a very strict mom, it had to be appropiate, ie unlike the above two teeshirts. Cute panda playing ping pong? Perfect!

9. My friend Ida. I went to stay with her for a few days over New Year's (when I went out of town). She's my bff from nerd camp (whoo nerds!) and OLIVE HER.
(my tag!)

And that's all folks! Hope you gave (and received!) awesome stuff as well.


Anonymous said...

April you made all of those?? *Sigh* Jealous.

Anonymous said...

wow! that's amazing. all of those shirts look like I could get them at a store. How did you get the paint to be so bright on the black shirt? please post DIY's soon.

-a reader

April said...


to Anonymous -
the colors are actually not that bright, I think the camera flash made the colors pop a lot more than they do in real life. Still, I just used lots of coats, without making the paint layer super thick and gross.