Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i blatantly copy other bloggers' ideas

Lemon has this post here about practical, yet attractive, winter footgear.

Every since my post here, I've been wanting snow boots (legit snow boots, NOT uggs or the like, and not your regular ole super stylin' boot either).

Like these, which give me blisters because they are about 2 sizes too small (they're my sister's!):
So anyway, if I'm going to be living in the Northeast for prolonged periods of time (ie, my entire life, holla), I'd like any of these please:
"Salomon" Women's Uma Snow Boot - you can barely tell these are snow boots!
Kamik Celebrate Pac Boots - love the color
Merrell Girl's Spirit Tibet High Boot - These are just stylin'!, except they're for little girls :[
The North Face Girl's McMurdo Boot - also for girls only :[
(Those are potentially:

Hahhhh, I can wear the wardrobe of 50% of the girls in my school ON MY FEET, HAH.

I hope y'all had an awesome holiday break! I have major catching up to do!

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Lemon said...

Ew. All of these make me shudder. I think I decided that I hate winter boots in third grade.