Thursday, December 18, 2008


MY POWER IS BACKKKK. Thank the universe. I'm definitely one of the last people in my county to get their power back and it was dreadful, but I am finally at home. The last time I slept in my own bed was last Thursday, which was A WEEK AGO. HELLO BED AND COMFORT WITHDRAWAL. My thoughts and loves to those who still don't have power! (And I'm praying for these coming storms to not totally take us back to the middle ages again).


Catch up time! (this may or may not be very boring, so I'll try to use pictures).

On Thursday, the FATEFUL college admissions day, we got let out of school 2 hours early because of the Winter Weather Advisory thing, so a bunch of friends and I went to my house to play Guitar Hero World Tour (best game ever). And then, my crazy spontaneous and impulsive friends went out, braving the storm, just to buy Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian on DVD. (So maybe they shouldn't have driven in the snow, but PRINCE CASPIAN IS A HOTTIE AND HE IS WORTH IT.) We watched that, but I fell asleep (insomnia the night before) and they woke me up at 5 o clock SO THAT I COULD CHECK IF I GOT INTO COLLEGE OR NOT.

Anyway, I didn't. I was deferred from Columbia. BUT IT IS ALL GOOD. It's better than being rejected.

So basically, I really dislike my mother, mostly when she talks about college, which is ALL THE FREAKING TIME, so I really dislike her all the freaking time. So I had to get out of the house. Another friend of mine was deferred from Brown, so we had an awesome rant-party/chill-sesh/ping-pong-playing/jolly-good-time/nerd-fest. Then I got home, decided there would be a snow day (ie, I didn't do my calculus hwk) and chilled out. And the power flickered for a while around midnight, and eventually just went out.

The next day was a snow day, as I predicted. And it should have been awesome. BUT THERE WAS NO POWER. And you know how dependent the world is on electricity. IE, tv, computer, internet, a phone charger (just my luck that my phone would die literally five minutes before the power went out), a microwave, the wii. ya know, seriously vital-to-life-and-survival things. So since we had none-a that, we went to -- where else? -- the mall!

THE ICE STORM (super gorgeous on the outside, ugly-no-power-ness on the inside):
The outfit (super comfy):

Crew sweatpants, some regatta. Vest, random bike shop. Sweater, Urban Behavior. Scarf, chinatown. EARMUFFS <33333,Target. Boots, my sister's. Gloves, Target.
The mall was a good time, but we unfortunately had to leave early. So anyway, one of my bff's DID have power because she's a lucky duck, so we had a crazy girly time at her house.

I was going to NYC the next day with a friend, so I stayed at his house Friday and Saturday night. (HE HAD POWER!)
I love Christmastime in New York.

I also bought tonsssss of stuff, sorta, and I'll be showin' that off soon enough.

After NYC, I pretty much lived at a friend's for three nights. Crazyness. I honestly hadn't spent more than five minutes with the rest of my family for a week. (They were INSANE and willingly camped out on our family room floor, EVEN WHEN there were SEVERAL invitations to stay elsewhere. SO WEIRD.)

I also got deferred from MIT. But that's cool because I was completely expecting nothing more than a simple rejection.

Tomorrow I'm wearing a REAL OUTFIT and I'm really excited. This past week has been absolute insanity.



Sal said...

Glad you survived, lady - and still just stunned by the deferments. Outrageous!

Niamh said...

Good luck! I hope you get in RD.
It was ridiculous this year.

Niamh said...
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April said...

thanksss, it was indeed ridiculous.

btw, is there any way you could invite me to read your blog?