Sunday, December 21, 2008

New hair

I was in desperate need of SOME change. It's different, but it's only new bangs. My mom did it, which is why it's kind of awful looking....but it's not that bad...right? (keep in mind, I only chose the best-looking pics, so it could be much worse in real life.)
Freakish in the last one, eh?


Lemon said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!
We need to talk ASAP!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

are you kidding me?
it looks great!
my bangs, on the other hand, or monstrosity in its purest form...and i commend your for her fab bang-cutting skills


Everything Is Better Tinted Purple said...

brilliant! you look ever so chic!
thumbs up to mum for a great job (and you cant beat her price!!!!)

Sal said...

Totally glam - seriously! Flattering, chic, and lovely.

Also, I think we should have a face-making contest sometime. I'll hit you up after the hollydays.