Sunday, December 28, 2008

proof of my clean room

Look! I have a FLOOR. oooooohhhhhh shiiiinnnnnnnyyyy.
More CLEAN floor (pre throw rug) and cluttered-but-not-super-awful shelves.
AND NOTICE THE DRESSER ON THE LEFT -- it no longer has random crap falling off it due to overflowing surface area!
Little Roomba hard at work! (Yes my family is too lazy to vacuum on their own, I am ashamed to admit.)
A wall of scarves, jewelry, some bags, some fabric!
And finally -- the best part -- I COLOR-CODED MY SWEATERS:
(note to self: there is a distinct lack of purple sweaters.)SEE I REALLY DID CLEAN IT!

1 comment:

Lemon said...

APRIL how do you make that scarf rack? I have realized my need for one.