Wednesday, December 3, 2008

change of plans

My Future-Steven-Spielberg friend is filming a video this afternoon, and I'm going to be among my friends in the background as an extra. I didn't wanna wear what I wore to school, and I like this outfit better.

Cardigan, Target.
Long sleeve polo, Steve and Barry's. (ugh this store makes me sick)
Belt, H&M.
Earrings, random nyc store.
Jeans, thrifted.
Leopard flats, Rocket Dog via DSW.

And just for fun:

I look ridiculous in this one! :]


Sal said...

I KNEW you'd be famous eventually. Just didn't know it'd come this soon. Love that outrageous belt, lady.

April said...

hahah, well I wouldn't call being in his school project video being famous! And we actually ended up not being able to shoot because they needed more people to show up and everyone bailed out on him, :[