Sunday, December 21, 2008

100th post

I was going to make a vlog for my 100th post. But my parents are home, and that's annoying. And I have more important fish to fry.

I have officially diagnosed myself with shopaholism. BAD ME. So, since I am in debt (to my parents, and probably some friends too), I need to FIX THIS NOW.

With the help of randomly googled websites, my friend Emily, and Sal I have devised a personal Shopping Ban, very similar to Sal's.

I should have started this a loooong time ago, but you know what they say, mieux vaut tard que jamais! (Better late than never).

My 12 step plan to recovery:

1. Commit to the plan for 6 months. December 21, 2009 - June 21, 2009. [holycrap that's like....when i graduate. BUT I CAN DO IT; i have faith.]

2. Record ALL purchases and current balances. This includes purchases of food, clothing, accessories, online purchases, gifts, starbucks, st. ive's apricot scrub, etc...i.e., EVERYTHING.

3. Give the next paycheck I receive to my dad. I'll be getting this tomorrow, it'll be $153 and I owe that much and more to my parents. Give any money I receive from relatives for Christmas to my dad, to put away in a place that I can't access it (Secret Savings Stash). The money is still mine, but I won't spend it. [Pocket $30 of it for myself - I still need to get fabric because I'm making gifts for people].

4. All future paychecks and babysitting cash: at least 50% must be saved in the Secret Savings Stash. The rest will go towards: my Gym membership ($30 a month); the $10/week limit (see #5).

5. $10 spending limit: Applicable only on thrifted items and sewing supplies. Unused money rolls over.

6. Notify ALL friends, family, and blog readers of said Shopping Ban. Moral support helps!

7. No Starbucks.

8. Bring lunch to school, when necessary. DO NOT EAT OUT, ever. (or use $10 limit towards it.)

9. Savings goals:
  • $600 by March 30, 2009 - for French Club trip to Quebec City
  • $500 by Graduation - for any and all senior trips
  • $600 by August 15, 2009 - owed to Mom and Dad for Car insurance
  • holy bejeebers, i need to make more money
10. If the situation presents itself where I ABSOLUTELY MUST buy something, like it is a LIFE OR DEATH (not really) situation...well, I can't buy it. Luckily, there is nothing I have an extreme dire need for. If it is, my parents will buy it. This rarely ever happens, and I don't think that will change.

11. Get rid of the things that are crowding my room.
  • Fabric - use it up. Make lots of things, and give them away or sell them. Send packages to blogger friends! :]
  • Unwanted clothing/accessories - sell it or donate it. (anyone wanna buy anything?) no swapping.
  • Other crap - trash it. (this has nothing to do with the Shopping Ban, I realize. Whatevs.)
12. Come up with other things to do instead of shopping.
  • Craft/sew/draw/paint/blog.
  • Scrapbook!
  • Go to the gym.
  • Read...what a novel idea. (no pun intended! haha)
  • Clean my room. (This will never get old.)
  • Watch every single episode of Friends ever.
  • Become a master at Scrabble.
  • Learn how to play Chess.
  • Do nonstop sudoku and crossword puzzles.
Alright so. There's my 12 step plan. More like 12 rules/guidelines, but whatevz.

Phew. I'm feeling overwhelmed already. BUT I HAVE FAITH.

What I've spent today:
$31.xx at Target....the money was not even mine, so this is part of what I owe my dad.
We'll say my current balance is -$153 for counting purposes. Once I give tomorrow's paycheck over to my dad, my balance will be $0.


Lemon said...


Have to admit, your "novel" pun was my favorite part of this post :D

Everything Is Better Tinted Purple said...

Wow! I wish you tons of success with this. Going to be a tough road. But I think you will come out the other side feeling well accomplished. Viel Gl├╝ck!