Sunday, December 28, 2008

couple o' questions

This Shopping Ban has so many kinks.

1. Gift cards. How should I handle spending these? Should I just spend them as if it's free money? Should I apply my saving/spending rules? Should I sell the gift cards for cash, and then apply my saving/spending rules? Should I just never spend them? What?! Also, what about gift cards for food vs. gift cards for clothes? What about gift cards to Starbucks? (one of my rules was very clearly, NO STARBUCKS).

2. I owe the public library a large sum of money*. whoopsyyyy. Should this money come out of my weekly $10 or should I just deal with it asap and then fuggedaboutit?

*ahem, $24.50.

1 comment:

Sal said...

Wow, lady, I somehow missed the establishment of this ban. Sounds like you've set some pretty strict rules ... maybe even TOO strict.

In my opinion, the gift cards should be spent on whatever you want. They are gifts and therefore freebies. If you'd gotten material objects, you wouldn't consider turning them in for cash. Allow yourself to spend the gift cards.

The library stuff is debt. Paying off your debt is what responsible people do, so don't take that out of your $10 allowance. Pay it off and don't punish yourself for it.

Naturally, I admire ANYONE who undertakes a ban ... but if you set it up so tight, you're setting yourself up to fail. Give yourself a LITTLE wiggle room, lady.