Wednesday, December 24, 2008

update on The Shopping Ban

A couple of revisions:

- The $10 limit applies to every thing that I have to buy. This includes eating out, random Target runs, Auntie Anne's cravings (SO DELICIOUS), etc, as well as the regular clothes/shoes/crap. Still no Starbucks though. And no buying new clothes and shoes. Thrifted and handmade only.

-Spending for Christmas break will go as follows:
  • $15 + $15 + $10 + $15 = money for (late) Christmakkuh gift materials = $55
-The above $55 will be taken out of whatever money I get on Christmas (I'm kind of counting on this...) If I don't actually get any money....well then I'm screwed. The rest will be saved in The Secret Savings.

-I also have an additional $5 from Lemon! :] thankssss, and your awesome rainbow thing will be arriving eventually.

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