Saturday, December 20, 2008

i am never procrastinating on christmas shopping again.

The title there? That is a total lie. But right now, I am pooped. I spent like, the entire day at the mall, lugging around bags and bags, and am now left with little energy and little money.

I did buy this for myself though! So soft and ridiculous. Perfect for wearing with those purple fuzzy bootie slippers I bought! (see previous post)
Crazy-ass robe, Wet Seal.

ALSO: this is my NINETY-NINTH POST. I wanted to do a vlog for the 100th, but I have NO idea what the hell I'm supposed to talk ideas? questions? comments? anything? PLEASE?!

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Fashion Babbler said...

you should talk about what inspires your style and your favorite places to shop. I cant wait to watch your vlog though!! and congrats early for the 100th post