Saturday, December 20, 2008

scarves and fuzzy feet!

If you remember, I went to NYC last Saturday. Wellll. I bought a lot of scarves. Six, to be exact. And adding that to the four pashminas I already had...well now I have ten. So obvs, I needed a place to put them. Thanks to this, I now have a place to hang all my scarves!

All of them were bought in NYC's Chinatown, with the exception of the...fifth from the left, which was a gift from a friend.

OH and, I bought these AWESOME SLIPPERS. ahahahha, they make me laugh every time I look down at my feet!
Slippers, Macy's.


Elizabeth Magee said...

That scarf holder is so cute, and the scarves look great in it. :) Thanks for letting me know that you made one. I really like pashminas too. I only have 2 though, so I need to buy some more. :)

Fashion Babbler said...

I love how you hang your scarves that's such a good idea. Right now i have all of mine thrown in a basket in my closet, but I might have to go out and find something like that. the scarves are really cute too, you have a nice selection!