Monday, January 12, 2009

yeah red ralph!

I work at the local Kumon center twice a week, and I have no doubt that it is the best job ever. Some of the kids there are, like, my best friends. Anyway, one girl insisted that I wear this red Polo dress today, or else I would owe her $1. Hah. Well, seeing has I only have $10 a week to spend, $1 is kind of a lot. So I wore it :]

to school:

"you look like valentines day!"
Polo dress, thrifted.
Boots, Hot Kiss.
Pink l/s polo, Steve and Barry's.

to work:

Workin' the primary colors.

Polo dress, thrifted.
Cardigan, Target.
Belt, F21.
Flats, Rocket Dog.
Tights, Claire's.

All that primary color jazzyness reminds me of Madeline.

It makes me want a royal blue coat very very badly.

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