Thursday, January 8, 2009

oh, is that snow?

We had a snowww dayyyyy yesterday and I did absolutely NOTHING and it was the best.

My nothing consisted of:
-Watching endless Style Network, Food Network, Bravo, Daytime TV, etc.
-Playing Guitar Hero World Tour.
-Interneting for hoursss.
-Making the skirt I wore today!

[Notice how outside it is BLACK. These were taken at 7am! SUMMER NEEDS TO COME BACKKK.]

[We have an extraordinary amount of greenery because we're plant-sitting for a friend who clearly loves to grow things. The problem is, they're not coming back until April and my mother tends to kill everything. I hope they're prepared for their plants to be severely damaged! I clearly have no faith in my mother.]

I am not wearing proper attire for this weather (whoopsy) :

Hah. I didn't know it was so bad out! It was worse this morning: snow falling so fast you could hardly see. Maybe boots are a better idea for winter...

Skirt, made by me (remember these?). Tank, Old Navy. Scarf, Chinatown. Blazer, thrifted. Shoes, Charlotte Russe (bought for $3 - yes THREE - on Black Friday!!)


Sal said...

The skirt is perfection, lady. Well sewed!

Fashion Babbler said...

yay for snow days, I had one too!
The skirt you made is so cute, making that was definitely more productive then anything i did all day lol

Lemon said...

THAT fabric.

Maverick said...

Cute skirt! I love snow days :D But I hate snow...

nice blog!
xx. Mavvie

Everything Is Better Tinted Purple said...

Great skirt! Perfect use of a snow day. :)

yiqin; said...

You're so lucky to have snow!!!!! It's so hot here :( Lovely outfit though :D