Monday, July 19, 2010

flowers for you

Now that I've got paychecks coming in left and right (HURRAH) I've been going shopping WAY TOO MUCH.

It's really not okay. But I did get lots of stuff which I'll be showing you! Starting with Sunday's outfit:
I almost never wear jeans, because I hate shopping for them and they often suffocate me at the waist. But I conceded, and now I'm attempting to build up my denim wardrobe. I got these jeans at The Gap on sale for, like, 13 bucks or something. And I've been living in them. Loooooove it!
Obligatory weird flying pose.
Probably the first rear shot of me you've ever seen.

I got this cropped floral button-down from Delia's, on sale for FIVE dollahzz. YES. Plus, they had that try-on-jeans-get-10-bucks thing, so obvz I tried on jeans (they were ill-fitting) and used that 10 bucks to buy 3 bottles of nail polish:
One color is missing obvz. It's a pretty shade of purple which will make its debut when I'm sick of these blue nails (which may take a while!)
[shirt, Delia's] [tank, Old Navy] [jeans, Gap] [shoes, Target] [earrings, vintage]

I also have almost no time to sew because of all this working, but hopefully I'll be getting some sewing done soon!

And now, the Thirty Days of Truths:

Day 13 → A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)
Dear The Postal Service,

I love you. You are my favorite. You were my gateway into good music. Before you, I listened to bad 90s pop exclusively. And I love me some Britney Spears and Spice Girls, but you are real music. And I want you to come back, because the world needs you. You're too good to be extinct.

With love,

Day 14 → A hero that has let you down. (letter)
Dear United States Government,

You should not be stupid. We rely on you for our lives and well-being. You can't fuck with our lives. Please try harder. People's lives are more important than mid-term elections and politics. Can you please give us universal health care, marriage equality, and can you please stop sending troops to the Middle East? Can you please stop caring about who's a republican and who's a democrat, because we actually don't care? We just want you to do your jobs.


A concerned citizen,

Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.
I cannot live without Target. For a while at school, I didn't know how to get to the nearest Target, and when I figured it out (RIPTA bus! free with my school ID!) I was in HEAVEN. Target is my favorite.

love and right triangles,


Heliotrope Tree House said...

April, YOU ARE SUCH A BEAUTY! Thanks as always for the inspiration. Your letter to the US Government made me cry. Mainly, because you were brave enough to publish such strong beliefs. I'm right there with ya on those, too! Blessings to you.

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

YAY FOR SHOPPING! (I have the tendency to utilize money for shopping as soon as it comes. I agree. It's not okay.) YAY FOR JEANS! I'm such a fail jean-wearer (almost never!), but finding perfect jeans is so satisfying. ESPECIALLY if they're at a good price! SO YAY.

And I love your truths. Stupid Target aint in Canada, but definitely sounds amazing.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

AsianCajuns (Cath) said...

Wow! What awesome buys! You should have to worry too much about spending money when you're finding such good deals.