Monday, July 5, 2010

happy america day!

Two Independence Day outfits:

My thought process during this photo:
I think I overdid it.
red, white and blue <3
I wore this outfit to fireworks tonight, which were probably the best fireworks display I've seen ever. Fireworks are just the awesomest thing - they're explosive and colorful and rocket-science-y and gorgeous and sparkly and loud and bright and I LOVE 'EM.

details: [skirt, made by me] [belt, thrifted] [sunnies, random store] [earrings, China] [necklace, diy] [shoes, NY&Co] [wallet, Kenneth Cole Reaction via Marshall's]

I wore this on Saturday. Easy. All-American. Casual.
Nothing spectacular.

details: [shirt, thrifted] [shorts, diy] [shoes, Aldo]

love and right triangles,


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Kylie said...

WHOA I love the stringy necklace in the first outfit! So good, and would make such an easy DIY! Love it. And congrats on making these outfits subtly Americana themed. Not just throwing on bunch of red white and blue and calling it a day. Very nice!

And in the above post, did someone write Snape on that hand dryer? Harry Potter reference? Nice