Friday, July 2, 2010

new boots

Have I mentioned that I went from have zero jobs two weeks ago to having two jobs?

Well, I'm still not making enough money (can anyone ever make enough money?) but I have been getting paychecks, so yesterday I decided to check out Marshall's. And LOOKEE WHAT I FOUND :)
I mean, it's July, so of course they were on sale.
And can I just tell y'all about how much I LOVE them!?
I've already worn them twice, and I bought them yesterday!
They also uncuff and can be unrolled up, and they actually fit on my elephantine calves :)
Yesterday it was FREEZING. And by FREEZING I, sixty-five degrees. (and windy!)
But I mean, come on, it was the first of JULY. JUH-freakin-LY.
Anyhoo, this explains my aggressively fall-not-summer outfit.
Today, it was less FREEZING, but still not as warm as summer tends to be. So I got to wear the boots another day! (and a wool skirt!)

This glorious 4th-of-July weekend, we have 90+ degree weather to look forward to (mad intense heat waves, yo), which I'm excited for, don't get me wrong, but I'm already itching for fall outfits! grah!
And I know I say this a lot, but I have some great things in the works. SERIOUSLY. And if I don't tell you about them soon, PLEASE bug the hell outta me about it!

love and right triangles,

outfit 1: [orange cardigan, Silence and Noise, $30] [tee, made by me, $0] [jeans, thrifted & reconned, $4]
outfit 2: [top, UO, $10] [skirt, thrifted Gap, $3]
both: [boots, BC Footwear via Marshall's, $20]


Chelsea and Korina said...

Those boots are gorgeous! I especially love them with the skirt!

boatx2 said...

(laughs) How are you not making enough money! That is a crime if two jobs aren't cutting it. That's it. I'm moving to Bolivia.

(1) super cute boots.
(2) You didn't make it to Pride?! Next year! It's worth sOo worth it.
(3) What a relief. I'm sooooo glad someone else is feeling being "young and fabulous" first. Thank you! You have no idea.

Rach said...

Those are some super cute ankle boots. Oh and as someone who just finished a summer course of college physics, I greatly appreciate right triangles too.

They make the world better :]